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Video 1: Changing the Game

Video 2: The Power of Advanced Pattern Trading

Video 3: The Portfolio Performance

Video 4: ConstellationPRO Upgrades & New Features

ConstellationPRO Pattern Software

The ConstellationPRO software is a powerful indicator that makes pattern trading easier than ever.

With this software you can:

  • Identify Gartley, Bat, Cypher and Butterfly pattern formations in real-time trading

  • Perform back testing with our NEW historical pattern formation indication

  • Draw pattern formations manually with our assist tool

  • Trade the some of the most profitable strategies we’ve ever used

  • Become a profitable trader and reduce analysis mistakes commonly made with Fibonacci




Intermediate to Advanced


Brand New Trading Software Designed to Unlock the Power of Pattern Trading for Even the Most Novice of Traders.

Using a set of highly sophisticated algorithms we’ve managed to teach the computer to read the chart the way a human eye does. Not only does Constellation give you a competitive advantage over other traders, it also supplies you with a peace and confidence you’ve never felt as a trader before.

Constellation Shows You the Pattern

Before it Completes

Unlike other software platforms that only print the pattern once it has completed, the Constellation software identifies the trade for you long before the pattern has completed. This gives you minutes, hours, even DAYS to place your trade.

Never again will you be scrambling to place your orders or left frustrated because you missed another great trading opportunity.

With Constellation you have all the time in the world. The C leg completes, the pattern appears on your chart, you set your limit order, place your stop, then sit back and wait for the pattern to complete. It’s that easy!!

"The Perfect Pattern Every Time"


Automatically Identifies Gartley, Bat, Butterfly, and Cypher Patterns

Perform Backtesting with the Historical Pattern Locator Tool

Refine Your Skill with the Pattern Assistant Drawing Tool

Works on all time frames and chart types

Works on all markets (Forex, Futures, etc.)

Coded for both NT7 and MT4 (NT8 Code Coming Soon...)

Customizable Parameter Settings

Lifetime License 

Never Miss Another Pattern Again


We know that one of the biggest fears expressed by pattern traders is missing winning trades. With Constellation you’ll never have to worry about that again!

Although the algorithms are sophisticated, Constellation is extremely easy to use. The software installs into Ninja Trader or MetaTrader as a custom indicator. Once the indicator is applied to your chart it does all of the work for you!

Whether you trade Bats, Butterflies, Gartleys, and YES, even Cypher patterns, Constellation will pick them out for you. No more searching for trades. Hours spent in front of your computer will now turn into minutes as your analysis time is cut by up to 80%.