The Complete Forex Basics Course

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For new traders and those interested in becomming traders, this course is everything you need, and nothing that you don't. 

This training course is designed to expedite your learning. Quick videos covering specific topics makes it easy to navigate and easy to understand. 

Gone are the days of having to search aimlessly through irrelevant information to find what you need. This course focuses only on whats important to your development.

An Essential Guide for New Traders

Everything A New Trader Needs, Nothing You Don't

A quick glance at just some of the many topics discussed in The Complete Forex Basics Course


Have You Built a Solid Foundation?

Currency Pairs
Price Charts
Money Management
Technical VS Fundamental Analysis
Trading Equipment

Part of our role as educators and coaches is to help traders identify the source of their struggles. After working with thousands of traders for more than a decade we've noticed that many of the problems traders encounter can be attributed to a lack of proper training and education. 

The Complete Forex Basics Course

Develop a Foundation of Understanding That Can Sustain Continued Growth and Development

Knowledge Gaps

Too often traders overlook critical concepts and lack a fundamental understanding of how the markets work, these knowledge gaps are like a major crack in the foundation of your home... it may go unnoticed for a while, but it exposes you to extreme risk and can ultimately lead to complete failure.

Are You Distracted and Confused?

Not all problems can be attributed to a lack of training and education, in fact, for some traders, the problems appear because of too much training and education. The internet is an incredible resource that can deliver vast amounts of information at the click of a button...but it can be a double edged sword. It is important to stay focused on what's important, failure to do so can result in wasted time, wasted energy, and it may create destructive habits.

Paralysis By Analysis

Believe it or not, too much information can be a bad thing...Paralysis by analysis is a form of information overload and it can be devistating to traders. Without a clear path forward it is easy for traders to get distracted, and with so many variations in strategies, techniques, and trading styles it can be difficult to manage conflicting ideas. 

The Complete Forex Basics Course

Eliminating the Noise and Confusion to
Help You Remain Focused and Stay on Track


Are You Prepared For The Challenge?

If you're a new trader it can be extremely difficult to get started. The minute you open your live account you're instantly competing with the best traders in the world...Just imagine trying to learn how to play golf by competing against Tiger Woods....while you're trying to figure out how to hold the club, he's busy sinking put after put. Well, the same is true for trading, if you don't come to the markets prepared, the game will be over before it ever really started.

Rapid Deployment

Don't move too fast! It's good to commit, but you should never put your hard-earned money at risk until you know what you're up against. Trading is a business and you will be competing against the best in the world. If you fail to plan and fail to prepare, you will fail to succeed.    

The Complete Forex Basics Course

Equipping You With The Skills Needed to Navigate and
Overcome the Challenges of Trading  


The Complete Forex Basics Course


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